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April - Doing What I Love

Getting Paid To Do What You Love

A Slow Growth

I took a break from posting too much to Twitter this month but I increased my fee for processing orders from 3% to 6%. So although I did slightly less total revenue, ~5500 USD, than in past months the increase in my fee meant that I made more money. It is great to see people enjoying and using my service. My customers have said "thank you" so many times, and it has been great to help provide them with an easy and anonymous way to get the things that they need. I think this service will grow slowly over time, but I think I am ready to expand to other privacy services to diversify my income.

Diverse Privacy Products

In hopes of building out other privacy projects, I have rebranded to Anon Industries. That way when I market my products/services can all share branding and marketing. This rebrand comes with a new logo and a new Twitter handle. The idea is to keep adding projects to my portfolio and the connecting factor among all the projects is privacy. In keeping with the value of privacy I am currently working on the easiest and most secure way to run a vpn.

Whats Next

I recently got into running my own VPN on a rented cloud computer. I learned docker and it was an easy enough process. I am looking to turn this process into a simple service to use that does nto require any command line usage.


"What if you woke up tomorrow with only things you were grateful for today? - Max Lucado"

My customers have been so great this month. When you work in retail you can expect to have some odd interactions, but this month I had the pleasure of having all positive interactions. I do not know who my customers are, but I thank every single one of you for helping me do what I love.