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December-February Overview

How much are 1,000 Twitter Followers Worth?


This month I have been focusing on twitter. The goal for twitter was to build a following so that I would be able to have an audience to share Anon Shop with. It does not matter how good your product is if no one knows about it. I was able to gain about 1,000 followers in two months, so I would say it was a success. My tweets even got me some interviews. You can track my tweet success here. How much money and sales did we make from these tweets?

Cash Money?

My Twitter growth was effective at driving people to my site whenever I tweet about it. Every time I tweet about my service, I get a large spike in visits to my landing page.

Website Stats

This issue is that I am not able to convert these visits into sales. Marketing != Sales. This past month has been an ok month, but there was not a tight correlation between follows and sales. We did around ~4,000 (very rough estimate) in sales this past month. That is topline revenue. So we made profit, but not a ton. We have seen growth though, and it's awesome to put something out and have the community support it. I look forward to future growth.

Why are you being so open?

I have spent years studying privacy projects and how they make money. I hate how most privacy companies don't tell you anything about the business. So I hope that my little experiment at Anon Shop can inspire other people to start their own businesses. The world needs more privacy-focused businesses.

Whats Next

I am going to be taking a break from tweeting every day to work on expanding Anon Shop. I need to do some dev work and add the ability for people to place orders in Monero and receive a discount. I hope to have this feature launched by next week so stay tuned if that is something that you want to use. Here is the github branch for this update if you want to track its development.


"What if you woke up tomorrow with only things you were grateful for today? - Max Lucado"

I hope you found this quick write-up entertaining. I would like to thank Doug and Sunita from Monerotopia for being awesome and letting me do the dev segment on their show. I also want to thank Vanessa for the awesome interview. Most importantly I want to thank my awesome customers. Y'all trusted a random person on the internet with your Monero and thank you so much for that leap of faith. I will continue to build a better service for the world to enjoy.